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Best Infrared Saunas


By William Chutney

Published: December 15, 2022

Are you interested in the best infrared saunas on the market? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Infrared saunas use heat and light to stimulate body detoxification and muscle relaxation. They can boost your immune system, enhance circulation, and reduce fatigue.

The best infrared saunas for your home range from booths, to cabins, to blankets.

Let’s dive right in: what are the best infrared saunas on the market, and what makes them so popular? What are the size options, and what costs are you looking at?

Entry-level, intermediate, and premium saunas – there’s a lot of information out there. But don’t sweat it (yet), we’ll help you with all the information you need!

Best Home Infrared Saunas (Our Review)

1. SereneLife Portable Full-Size Infrared Home Spa

The first on our list of the best infrared saunas is the SereneLife Portable Full-Size Infrared Home Spa. It provides the perfect way to get your sweat on at home.

This product requires a bit of setting up. But, the handy instruction manual will provide you with the guidance you need!

This sauna has a minimalist black and blue design. It stands upright, similar to a shower.

Portable saunas tend to be more affordable and accessible when compared to more traditional wooden ones. While this might take up some space, it can be moved around easily and doesn’t need to be set up in one permanent place.

A neat addition to this infrared home sauna is the included foldable chair. There’s no need to stand for the whole session!

Once you have everything set up, simply plug in the sauna. Remember to set the timer on the panel.

While in this sauna, pop on some tunes, or grab that page-turner you’ve been reading.

While this is one of the best infrared saunas, it’s also affordable!


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Includes chair


  • Takes up a fair amount of space

2. TNTANTS Infrared Home Sauna One-Person Portable Sauna

The TNTANTS Infrared Sauna is a compact unit, perfect for your single-sauna needs!

Step into the sauna, sit down in the chair, and zip up! This sauna is designed like a big, puffy jacket. While your body gets a good steam, your head will pop out the top.

There are armholes on the front side of the sauna, as well as a phone pouch. All you need to do is hold on to the remote control, as it is located on the exterior of the sauna.

Zippers can be found on the inside and outside, so you need not worry about trapping yourself in the sauna.

The 3-level heated foot pad is a great addition! This provides the perfect way to warm up on a cold morning.

As one of the best infrared saunas on the market, this product is comfortable and high-quality. TNTANTS makes use of infrared and dry steam technology without a single drop of water being used. This is great, as water can cause a mess that needs to be cleaned up afterward.

With this sauna, there’s no need to worry about refilling the water either.

Jumping into this infrared sauna after an intense workout will prevent you from feeling too stiff the next day.

This sauna folds up into a briefcase size so that it can be stored and taken anywhere you go.

The TNTANTS portable sauna is a well-loved, affordable product.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Waterless
  • Heated foot pad


  • Does not cover your head if you want to steam your face.

3. HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket

The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket is a different take on infrared saunas. However, this design is becoming increasingly popular.

A sauna blanket is perfect for those not wanting to take up space with permanent or even large and portable saunas.

This blanket is around 6ft long and 2ft wide. It can be easily stored, as it is light and compact. It only weighs about 2 lbs.

Wherever you go, this sauna can come with you. The best part is that you don’t need to set anything up!

Using this blanket is simply a matter of plugging it in, switching it on via remote control, and selecting your heat level. Levels range from 1 to 8, increasing in heat. 15 minutes on level 8 is sure to have you in a sweat!

The HigherDOSE blanket shuts off after 1 hour as a safety mechanism. This is to give your body a break from the heat.

This blanket may seem to be on the upper end of the sauna price range given it’s just a blanket. However, to get your hands on one of the best infrared saunas that is very portable, it’s worth it!


  • No setup
  • Easy to store
  • Portable


  • Limited mobility during sessions

4. Karpevta Portable Infrared Spa Sauna

The next product on this list of the best infrared saunas is the Karpevta Portable Infrared Spa Sauna.

This is made of high-density polyethylene materials and has a waterproof exterior. The insulation for this sauna is designed to prevent thermal penetration and heat loss.

Hopping into this sauna is easy! It can be zipped up both internally and externally. Your head pops out at the top, and your arms can be freed through the front zippers. This allows you to read books or use your phone.

You can adjust factors such as time and temperature using the remote control. Once you’re comfortable, simply place the controller in the pouch.

This sauna comes packaged with a folding chair and a bottom sweat pad. This can help reduce fatigue and relax your lower body.

This sauna folds with ease and takes mere minutes to set up, making it easy to take with you on the road. However, it can take some time to warm up.

The Karpevta is also an affordable option and can be purchased in a variety of different colors and shades.


  • Good insulation
  • Chair included
  • Affordable
  • Compact


  • Can take a while to heat up

5. HeatWave 2-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna

When people think of saunas, they often think of wooden rooms that look like they belong in a cabin. Some of the best infrared saunas out there are more traditional!

The HeatWave 2-Person Deluxe Ceramic Infrared Sauna is a cabin-style sauna, fitted with a glass door.

A two-person sauna allows you and a partner to enjoy the magic of infrared heat after a long stretch in the office or gym.

This ceramic sauna offers high-quality luxury with a spacious interior and a crystal-clear integrated sound system.

The sound system has a CD player and radio, as well as an AUX input. This means you can enjoy some tunes or watch a movie while reaping the benefits of your sauna.

The durable wooden exterior serves as a brilliant insulator for this sauna. Ambient lighting creates a spa-like atmosphere that you can’t help but relax in.

The HeatWave Sauna is 75 inches in height and 48 inches wide, so it doesn’t take up too much space.

This sauna is expensive when compared to the above options. However, it is a traditional sauna and could be a great investment for your living space.


  • High-quality heating
  • Built-in audio system
  • Ambient lighting
  • Made of top-quality wood


  • Expensive compared to portable saunas

6. Radiant Saunas BSA2418 4-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna

The Radiant Hemlock Infrared Sauna is premium! This is one of the best infrared saunas, as it is designed to hold up to four people in one session.

As it’s made for a handful of people, it does take up a fair amount of space. If you have a home gym or a small family interested in a sauna, this one might be for you!

There are nine different heating areas within the sauna, allowing the space to heat up faster. Each individual receives the same amount of heating, and nobody will go cold.

This sauna uses technology that ensures heat will penetrate deep into your body. Your core temperature will rise, and your body will relax.

This sauna has plenty of room to stretch, so you won’t feel cramped.

Some people have found the controls of this sauna to be slightly confusing in comparison to others on the market. Make sure to read the built-in thermostat as a first step! Reading the instruction manual thoroughly will help you to reap the true benefits of this sauna.

The Radiant Hemlock Infrared sauna comes fitted with a built-in audio system, adjustable roof vents, cup holders, and more.

This sauna retails on the upper end of the sauna price range. This is due to the high-quality materials, size, and traditional nature.


  • Fits four people
  • Far Infrared heating benefits
  • Built-in audio system and cup holders
  • Made of high-quality wood


  • Controls can be difficult to understand at first

7. Mihigh Infrared Portable Sauna Blanket

We couldn’t have made this list of the best infrared saunas without mentioning the MiHIGH Sauna Blanket.

Simply the blanket out on a flat surface and enjoy a sauna! Then, easily store it between uses.

Instead of zips, this sauna makes use of velcro straps that are easy to adjust.

You can use the controller to set the time and temperature of the blanket. The temperature is rated using levels ranging from 1 to 9.

Your arms don’t have to be inside this blanket, so you can read or use your phone while in the sauna.

The instruction manual recommends that you wear clothing inside the sauna to avoid burns. This can end up with you being drenched in sweat. Depending on your preferences, the clothing recommendation can be seen as a pro or a con.

If an infrared sauna blanket is what you’re after, this one is in the value-for-money and affordable range.


  • Easy-to-use velcro straps
  • Easy to store
  • Nine temperature options


  • Must wear clothing

8. Smartmak Portable Infrared Sauna

The Smartmak Portable Infrared Sauna is a portable sauna that might remind you of a puffy tent.

While you heat up, you’ll be able to read or watch a movie. All you need to do is unpack the product, prop it up, plug it in, and enjoy. This sauna is easy to fold away for storage.

The Smartmak sauna comes in a variety of colors, ranging from dark blue to white. It has three carbon heating panels and is easy to wash. If your sauna needs cleaning, simply put it in the washing machine.

Smartmak has included a sauna chair in the package, so you can sit comfortably during the session. However, the chair can become slightly flimsy if you use it a lot.

This sauna is a good, affordable introduction to home infrared saunas. Ditch the gym sauna and relax at home with your Smartmak sauna.


  • Variety of colors
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to set up


  • The chair can become flimsy after use

9. Maxxus Near Zero EMF FAR Infrared Sauna (3 Person)

The Maxxus Infrared Sauna is next on our list of the best infrared saunas.

This sauna makes use of infrared panels that produce low-carbon, energy-efficient heat. The heating process only takes a few minutes, and you’ll soon get your sweat on!

The Maxxus sauna is 39 inches in width and 73 inches in height. When compared to other booth-like saunas, it doesn’t take up much space.

The sauna is fitted with a bronze-tinted tempered glass door. Windows are fixed on the side, and can be prone to scratches after light use.

The panel is simple to use and understand. There are buttons for adjusting the temperature, temperature unit of measurement, and lighting.

Are you looking for an outdoor sauna that won’t succumb to water damage? Fear not! The wood used for this sauna is rainproof. This product is made from natural, reforested Canadian Hemlock wood and has a warranty that provides for wood damage.

Assembling this product should take around an hour – the instruction manual will tell you everything you need to know.

Other additions to this sauna include an LED display on the control panel, speakers, and a controller.

Since this is more of a traditional sauna, it does cost more than the portable ones.


  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Waterproof
  • The control panel is easy to use


  • Glass can be scratched easily

10. VANELL 75″ XL Infrared Sauna Detox Blanket

Let’s add another blanket sauna to this list of the best infrared saunas. The VANELL Infrared Blanket is the perfect candidate!

If you’re a larger person, this infrared sauna will be perfect for you. It has a big surface area, which makes it stand out from other sauna blankets.

Three zippers can be used from the inside and outside of the blanket for easy entry and exit.

Note that being too rough with the zips can cause them to jam or break off, and replacing them isn’t an easy task.

This blanket has temperature settings as opposed to levels, allowing for more accurate sauna sessions.

The temperature can be set anywhere between 86 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the timer for anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes per session.

The VANELL makes use of 2-zone temperate control. This means you can focus the heat on your upper body if your lower body is overheating.

These blankets come in a wide range of colors, from bright pink to clean silver.

The exterior is made from a washable cloth material, while the interior is made from waterproof and stretchy PVC.

This blanket is perfect for someone with a longer or wider body. It’s also affordable!


  • Many colors
  • Spacious
  • 2-zone control
  • Accurate temperature control


  • Zips are not very strong


So, you’re interested in the best home infrared saunas?

Before you make the big purchase, you might have some questions about infrared saunas. We’ve got your back! Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about infrared saunas.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

The heat in an infrared sauna is not dangerous as it uses fair infrared light to create heat.

Infrared saunas have many potential benefits, such as fatigue reduction.

There’s no true harm in using an infrared sauna. Most saunas come with a recommended session time. If you follow the instructions properly, you can reap the benefits!

How Should I Prepare For a Session?

Infrared saunas are most beneficial when your muscles are tense. The heat from the sauna relaxes your body.

Ensure that you eat something and drink water before using the infrared sauna. You don’t want to dehydrate!

How Do I Clean the Infrared Sauna?

This depends on what type of home sauna you have.

The best home infrared sauna should be easy to clean!

Portable saunas and blankets can be popped into the washing machine and washed as regular clothing items.

For the larger saunas, using non-toxic cleaners and scrubbing the inside will do the job.

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