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By William Chutney

November 8, 2018

​About our founder William Chutney

Even as a very young boy, William Chutney discovered that there were very few things in life that weren’t sensitive to temperature. From the food that his mother prepared to his very own body, he knew that if it got too hot or too cold, something bad happened. As he grew into his adolescent years, this distinction became even clearer as he delved into the realm of science.

Whether studying biology, chemistry or computer technology, William knew that temperature constants were critical and so he literally became fascinated with the various ways in which you could use thermostats to control temperature. However, his fascination with temperature control didn’t end there.

His Very First Real-Life Quandary

One of the things that William discovered early on was that most thermometers and thermostats were manual. You had to be there to change the settings and if you were away for any length of time, you couldn’t control the variables. For instance, manual thermostats for the home were a huge concern. Sure, you could read the digital display and set the thermostat for 68 degrees in the winter or 78 degrees in the summer, but you couldn’t program those devices to turn off if you found you were going away unexpectedly for a week or two.

His early professional years kept him on the road much of the time, so why should he utilize that electricity if creature comfort wasn’t an issue? This is where he began working with remote controlled smart thermostats. He found that he could save literally hundreds of dollars a year by setting those temperatures higher or lower as needed seasonally while he was away.

How to Protect His Electronics from Heat Damage

One day, as William was working on his home PC, it suddenly just shut down without warning. After a series of diagnostics, he discovered that it was overheating. Why wasn’t there some kind of ‘early warning system’ to tell him that his machine was about to overheat? Unlike a laptop, the desktop wasn’t in close enough proximity for him to sense the heat and that led to an eventual power-down that lost him hours of work. Then his focus shifted to other things which needed an early warning system if they got too hot.

From there, William began to wonder why a thermostat like that couldn’t detect when the temperature was getting too cold. For example, in the late winter days when many gardeners start plants in their garage, those plants are susceptible to extreme cold. Even though William had overhead lights to make sure his seedlings were provided with light 18 hours a day, they didn’t always provide the amount of heat needed, and this is where a small portable heater would be turned on. Why couldn’t he get a thermostat that would kick that heater on when his seedlings were in danger?

No End to His Fascination in Sight

Those are just a couple of the real-life examples that sent William Chutney on a lifelong journey of discovery. Most things in life are sensitive to temperature changes and that’s why he is continually on the lookout for smart thermostats and temperature control devices. As new products hit the market, William will be the first to review them and form an honest and very well-educated opinion as to their practicality weighed against cost.

When it comes to controlling temperature to protect anything and everything you own, William would be the go-to guy to get the advice you need. Are you here today because extreme heat or cold cost you a loss you could ill afford to sustain? If so, ask William. He probably knows just what you need.

William Chutney

About the author

Welcome to temperaturesensei.com. My name is William and everything you have read has been written by me. I am a retired man who lives in Texas now. I worked for 25 years for a company that made temperature products (I do not want to name them). If you have any questions or comments pop them in the chat below.

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