Temperature and Weather conditions of the world

By William Chutney

January 14, 2019

Average temperature of country (Interactive Map)

​This is the average temperature recorded in each country displayed on an interactive map.

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  • ​Celsius
  • ​Fahrenheit

Average temperature of country (Celsius)

​Highest temperature ever recorded in a country

​This interactive map displays the highest temperatures ever recorded for each country. Records go back as far as 1950.

  • ​Celsius
  • ​Fahrenheit
  • ​Locations

​Highest temperature ever recorded in a country​ (Celsius)

​USA Statistics

Average temperature recorded in ​USA by State

  • ​Celsius
  • ​Fahrenheit

​​Average temperature recorded in ​USA (Fahrenheit)

Average total yearly precipitation for each state

  • ​Millimeters
  • ​Inches

Average total yearly precipitation for each state (​Inches)

Average annual snowfall for each state

  • ​Centimeters
  • ​Inches

​Average annual snowfall for each state (​Inches)

Global Statistics

​Global Land-Ocean temperature trend over 100 years

​Here you can see the trend of the land-ocean temperature over more than 100 years, temperature displayed in Celsius.

To read more about this particular statistic visit​ the source.

​Temperature trend by country - Continent breakdown

  • ​​Australia
  • ​New Zealand

​​Below you can find the average annual temperature of ​New Zealand from 1901 to 2014. You can see the gentle trend of upwards.

​All statistics were sourced from https://www.noaa.gov/weather.

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