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How to Clean a Sauna


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Published: April 3, 2022

Having frequent access to a sauna comes with many benefits. But the key to enjoying it entails knowing how to keep your sauna clean.

This will ensure it stays in pristine condition for many years. If your sauna use is high, then make an effort to clean it more often. This would generally be the case with public saunas.

Whether you’re cleaning a wooden sauna or an infrared sauna, keeping it clean is not hard work. The general idea is to make sure the sauna walls, floor and benches are scrubbed often enough.

Using a damp cloth often to wipe clean the interior also makes a difference. Here are the steps to follow to ensure you do a great job of cleaning your sauna. RELATED: How to use Sauna

How To Clean A Sauna

What Sauna Cleaning Products To Use for Sauna Maintenance

Make sure that you have all the required cleaning agents for the sauna on hand. For example, a mild detergent would be best to have on hand as well as a hard brush to scrub the sauna.

Here’s your checklist of what cleaning agents to buy:

  • Mild bacterial cleaning detergents
  • Liquid soap
  • A hard brush
  • Mop
  • Any household disinfectant
  • Bleach
  • Deodorized floor cleaner
  • Sandpaper

1.Use A Hose to Rinse the Sauna Daily

Use a hose to rinse and clean your sauna inside daily. Make sure to do this every time before you use a sauna. Also, place your towel on the sauna bench when sitting or lying down. Using a towel also prevents sweat stains from forming. Give the sauna a good rinse again when you have completed a sauna session.

Do not neglect to maintain the exterior of your sauna. Use stronger water pressure when cleaning the exterior walls of the sauna. The wood inside is softer so don’t use a strong pressure water outlet for the interior walls of the sauna.

A great sauna experience hinges on how hygienic it is. This will also have a relaxing effect. Moist air can mean that any neglect on your part can lead to a growth of mold in the interior of the sauna.


2. Use a Brush and Soap for your Sauna Maintenance

Use a brush and soap or a few drops of mild detergent after each sauna session. Do fill a bucket with warm water, and add a few drops of detergent to the water. Dip your brush in the water and scrub the wood.

This is how you give your sauna a daily deep clean. Once you’ve given the sauna a good scrub, open the sauna door to air out the sauna for a while. This will get rid of the smell of the cleaning agents and will also ensure a fresh clean flow of air inside the sauna.

Ensure to scrub the interior of public saunas more than once a day. It is a fact that the use of public saunas is always higher than private home-owned saunas. This makes low maintenance unacceptable and unhygienic.

Make sure you always have a supply of cleaning agents for a deep clean. As a last resort, you can also use soap instead of a mild detergent or diluted hydrogen peroxide.

3. Mop it up

Clean the floors regularly. Use a proper liquid deodorizing floor cleaner to mop up the floors. Keep the doors open wide when mopping. You also don’t want too much heat or moisture in the sauna when cleaning.

Every now and then you can also scrub the wood of the floor for a deep clean of the interior. Just use pure water to rinse the floor when you finish mopping up.


4. Sand the Wooden Benches with Fine Sandpaper

At least once a year gently sand the wooden benches using fine sandpaper. It should be a fairly easy job. When you sand the wooden benches, you will hardly notice any aging of the sauna. It will keep your sauna looking spick and span for many months.

5. General Maintenance

When keeping your sauna clean, make sure to also check up on the little things that may need repairing. There are always the odd loose screws that may need fixing. Loose particles might also need your attention.

A wood sauna will require extra care. Humidity and excess moisture add extra wear and tear. Regularly check on the wood benches for any potentially damaging stains. Stains look awful and create the impression of being permanently dirty. It is a health hazard to be sitting on a stain.

The Importance Of Cleaning A Sauna Regularly

It’s not an intense job to clean your sauna regularly. The traditional Scandinavian saunas are easy to maintain. Wood is hard to stain easily with sweat. But it is still recommended to use a towel especially since you will be sweating out dead skin cells.

It also prevents sweat from the skin to cause stains. This is also one good reason to give your wooden sauna a good scrub. You should aim for zero stains forming on your benches. Also, keep dirt out of the sauna. Use a damp cloth to wipe the wood often.

Just remember that sauna maintenance is essential to keep the environment clean. Treat it as you would your bathroom. The cleaning process should not be neglected.

A sauna is a place of healthy retreat. This is where you will sweat away toxins and dead skin cells. A moist environment such as this requires a deep clean of the sauna interior wood and a dose of fresh air too.


Now that you know exactly how to clean a sauna you are ready and all set to enjoy it thoroughly to your best advantage. Relax and enjoy your sauna sessions knowing that is not a health hazard to you or anyone else.

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