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Best Infrared Lamps: 10 Top Picks for 2023


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Published: April 20, 2023

Are you looking for the best infrared lamps for home use?

Infrared technology is becoming increasingly popular as it brings with it a wide range of benefits. Near-infrared LED red light therapy raises tissue temperature, encourages blood circulation, boosts metabolism, and improves cell viability.

It does this by penetrating the skin and producing thermal effects.

The lamps that use this technology provide the perfect way to heal your body and joints in the comfort of your home.

Let’s look at some of the best infrared lamps on the market and see what all the hype is about.

10. Best Infrared Light Therapy Lamps (Our Reviews)

1. Serfory Infrared Light Stand 275W

The Serfory infrared standing light is a single head lamp capable of providing you with quality infrared light therapy in the comfort of your home.

Its customizable design includes a 360-degree rotating light head and a flexible arm that you use to modify the height and angle.

Fortunately, this lamp is simple to set up and has a manual to guide you through the process. No power tools are required, so it’s only a matter of screwing in the pieces.

Once assembled, you fill water in a compartment by the stand to keep the lamp weighed down. This makes it almost impossible to tip over. Because the product has wheels, you can easily roll it around to find the ideal position.

When using the lamp, the alloy lampshade dissipates heat quickly and prevents the bulb from burning out. There is also a convenient remote control that allows you to easily change the settings for brightness and timing.

Overall, the Serfory is good value for money and easily portable. You can place it just about anywhere in your home – next to the couch, over your bed, near your computer – and enjoy the infrared lamp therapy.


  • Remote control adjustments
  • Easy to set up
  • Bulbs come with a 3-month warranty
  • Adjustable height and angle


  • The head can be flimsy after prolonged use
  • It can be unstable if not weighted correctly

2. LHCYLDQ Infrared Light Red Heat Lamp

This 275W infrared lamp uses a single, high-powered bulb with a 360-degree rotation. Its free-bending head and adjustable height ensure you can angle it to get the most from your therapy.

LHCYLDQ’s lamp helps relieve muscle soreness and joint pains in a matter of minutes. A recommended session is anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes.

The control panel is on the lamp itself and has ten pre-set modes that cycle between the temperatures. You can also change the time of the session on the control panel.

If you purchase this product, the package comes with a handy wrench to make the installation more manageable. There is also an instruction manual in case you need help.

Unlike the Serfory, the base isn’t weighted. Instead, the lamp sits on a mount with four wheels. As much as this may seem flimsy, the base design is actually wide and sturdy while being mobile.

Overall, this is another affordable lamp that comes with a 90-day lamp warranty.


  • Flexible head and adjustable height
  • Easy to move around with wheels
  • Strong heat dissipation performance


  • No remote control
  • The lamp neck can become flimsy overtime

3. Okyna Infrared Light Therapy Lamp

Like its predecessors on this best infrared lamps list, the Okyna infrared lamp uses a 275W bulb and has 360-degree rotation on the lamp head.

On the base of the lamp are four omnidirectional wheels. These are beneath a weighted base, which stabilizes the lamp and makes it more difficult to tip over.

On the head, a 600nm red light increases cellular activity, while an 850nm NIR light reaches deep into your body tissue.

For maximum impact during therapy, you can adjust the height and angle of the bracket to control the distance between yourself and the light. Rest easy knowing that the lampshade has a metal face plate that protects the bulb. It also has a 360 heat dissipation system that ensures it doesn’t overheat during your session.

With no remote, you have to adjust the settings from the lamp itself. Here, you’ll find a control panel with ten temperature and session options.

Installation of your new purchase shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. And if anything goes wrong within 12 months, you’re covered by the warranty.


  • Sturdy base
  • Metal-faced lampshade for safety
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable height and angle


  • No remote control for temperature adjustments
  • Limited personalized settings

4. Serfory Infrared Desk Lamp

Our next infrared lamp is another product from Serfory. That said, this one is smaller and more portable than our previous contenders.

This Serfory infrared desk lamp is more compact than the best infrared lamps we’ve reviewed so far. It’s the size of a regular desk lamp, which means it can fit in smaller spaces.

An adjustable metal mount allows for free angle adjustment to accommodate physical treatment for various body sections.

Looking at the infrared specs – you get a deep red 660nm wavelength and a near-infrared at 850nm wavelength. This combination provides deep tissue penetration through the layers of your skin. As a result, you can experience pain relief and more elastic skin.

This product is probably one of the best starting points for the best infrared light therapy lamps, as it’s small, effective, and affordable.


  • Portable and light
  • Free angle adjustment
  • Affordable
  • No installation needed


  • No time or temperature setting
  • Fragile neck

5. K.S. Choi Corp Infrared Heat Lamp

Our next infrared lamp comes from a Korean-based company called K.S. Choi Corp. The K.S. Choi Corp infrared heat lamp comes with some great bells and whistles while being flexible, mobile, and safe to use.

Design-wise, the control panel looks a little more old-school. There is a dial system to alter the values, which can be helpful for longevity—no need to worry about pressing buttons and wearing them out.

If you don’t want to change the settings on the panel, a wired remote allows you to control the lamp.

Safety-wise, the 250W light bulb is protected by a transparent screen protector. The lamp also has a fuse panel with a working fuse connected to a control panel that activates the lamp.

Once this fuse burns out or breaks, the lamp has a holder with a spare fuse. Unscrew the spare and install it to continue using your infrared heat lamp.

Overall, this lamp is on the pricier side and leans toward the intermediate infrared lamp audience.


  • Remote and on-board settings
  • Spare fuse compartment
  • Clear screen protector
  • Easy height adjustment mechanism


  • Buzzing noises after prolonged uses

6. Astarexin’s Red Light Therapy Lamp

The lightweight and adjustable Astarexin red light therapy lamp is easily the best infrared heat lamp for muscle pain relief. With the stand and hanging accessories, you can position the lamp to apply infrared light therapy to target areas on your body.

These accessories also make it convenient to move the lamp around to suit your interior space.

The Astarexin is fitted with 600nm red lights and 850nm near-infrared red lights. There are four adjustable brightness levels, each increasing in luminance and pulse modes to meet the needs of body and joint pains.

Included in the package are eye protectors to shield your eyes from that infrared light. You can also purchase the lamp as a dual or single lamp.


  • Included eye protectors
  • Compact storage size
  • Installation takes 5 minutes
  • Remote control settings


  • Flimsy stand

7. Aumtrly 2022 Upgrade Red Light Therapy Lamp

The Aumtrly red light therapy lamp uses 18 high-power LEDs, totaling 36 chips in each red-light treatment lamp. Compared to other infrared lamps on the market, the quantity of light beads is double. Thanks to eighteen 660 nm bulbs and eighteen 850 nm bulbs, the lamp provides ample opportunity for relieving pain and relaxing muscles.

You can use this red-light therapy lamp from any position by adjusting its stand and 180-degree rotating socket. Although the tripod base stand is not the sturdiest, it does a decent job if you don’t move the unit around too much.

Unfortunately, the unit has no control panel, only a power switch. It does, however, come with a timer and some neat eye-protection glasses.


  • Dual Chip Therapy red light
  • Included eye protection glasses and timer
  • 180-degree rotating socket


  • Tripod can be a bit flimsy
  • No control panel

8. Aumtrly Portable Infrared Light Therapy Lamp

Our next bite-sized contender on the best infrared lamps list is also from Aumtrly. The Aumtrly portable infrared light therapy device operates on five healing wavelengths to give you the best results during your treatment session.

The 630 nm –660 nm red light is readily absorbed by skin tissue, effectively promoting skin health and boosting collagen production.

The 850 nm – 910 nm near-infrared light can penetrate deeply into tissues, organs, and joints, enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.

It also uses 460nm blue light to reduce inflammation.

Besides those, a pulse feature on the Aumtrly red light therapy accounts for the skin’s various tolerance levels. Pulse mode operates by flickering, which gives the skin a momentary buffer and prevents burns.

Other safety features include a 5-minute timer reminder function that automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of use to prevent burns brought on by excessive lighting time.

No one wants to hold the infrared light for the entire session. Luckily, this unit comes with a convenient tripod. Adjust the height and tilt the device to find the most effective angle.

You will also find a cleaning cloth, carrier pouch, and USB charger cable in the package.


  • Five wavelengths
  • Safety shut-off feature
  • Portable
  • A good amount of accessories


  • There are no settings or control panel

9. RUISQM’s Infrared Light Therapy Lamp

RUISQM’s infrared lamp features 30 pieces of LED lights, each of which contains two 660 nm red lights and one 850 nm infrared light.

As the 660 nm red light can penetrate the deep layers of skin, it stimulates cellular healing and improves circulation.

With 850nm FIR light, you can effectively treat chronic pain. This light penetrates deeply into bodily tissues, and benefits bones, joints, nerves, and deep muscle disorders.

Features-wise, the tripod base can be shaky and knocked over easily. So do be wary of where you place the light. That said, it is convenient that you can adjust the lamp stand from 35″ to 67″ in height and width.

The wired controller for this light treatment device features a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-minute timer. It also has five gears for dimmer adjustment and three on/off modes for the 660-nm and 850-nm wavelengths.


  • Selection of settings
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Affordable
  • A good amount of accessories


  • The tripod base is wobbly

10. Tiacwolco Infrared Light Therapy Desk Lamp

The final infrared lamp on our roundup is the Tiacwolco 150W infrared desk lamp.

The lamp’s 150W high-power bulb is waterproof and explosion-proof. It has high-temperature resistance, high light transmission rate, and a slow light decay rate. You only need to light it for five to ten minutes at a time, three to seven times per week.

Structure-wise, the lamp bracket is flexible, allowing you to adjust the height to meet your needs for different use postures.

The lamp head can also rotate 360 degrees. It includes specially designed heat sink holes that make it safer to use.

Due to its size, the Tiacwolco is ideal for home use and use on the go. You can get this lamp up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply insert the bracket into the base, tighten a few areas, snap on the lamp cover, and screw in the bulb.


  • Good quality lightbulb
  • Quick setup
  • Portable
  • Adjustable height and rotatable head


  • No temperature settings

Best Infrared Lamps (FAQs)

What are the side effects of infrared lamps?

Expert research shows that there are very few side effects of infrared lamps. The levels of light you expose yourself to are normal and not harmful.

That said, prolonged exposure may cause heat damage, including skin burns and damage to unprotected eyes.

Always pay attention to the instructions and the warning label on your product. Follow the recommended settings, and don’t overdo your sessions. The same goes for infrared sauna mats and blankets.

How long should you use infrared lamps?

When you first get your infrared lamp, the key is to start slowly and gradually increase the settings.

The recommended session length is typically between twenty to thirty minutes, but don’t force yourself if you feel it’s too much.

The first session can be as short as five or ten minutes, but your body will get used to the infrared light and start taking in all the good it brings to the table.

Timing will also depend on the lamp you buy and its recommended settings.

How far away should the infrared lamp be from my skin?

Again, this depends on the lamp you buy. A general recommendation is to aim the lamp perpendicular to the treatment area. Hold it 15 to 25 inches away from the treatment spot.

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