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Salt Sauna


By William Chutney

Published: January 4, 2023

A salt sauna combines the benefits of infrared or traditional saunas with Himalayan crystal salt to form a historically-known, well-being-enhancing experience called Halotherapy.

In this article, we describe and discuss the health benefits of a safe and comforting salt sauna.

What is a Himalayan Salt Sauna?

Centuries ago in Eastern Europe, physicians discovered that salt miners experienced different occupational health conditions compared to other miners. Salt miners suffered from fewer respiratory issues, rarely fell ill, and showed lower signs of aging.

A Himalayan salt sauna essentially mimics a microclimate of a salt cave, so you don’t have to travel to the Himalayas for the amazing health benefits!

The Himalayan salt for the sauna is vaporized and dispersed into the air in a traditional or infrared sauna.

There are 84 different chemicals in Himalayan Crystal Salt, such as potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium. The chemicals respond to your body efficiently and delicately, providing remarkable physical and mental health benefits.

Can You Put Salt in a Sauna?

You can convert or upgrade any type of sauna into a Himalayan sauna! And there are various ways to incorporate this.

Invest in boulders, bricks, and fixtures of Himalayan salt, which is one of the purest forms of salt on the planet. This incorporation creates a holistic and natural environment for your healing.

You can also go all-out and encase your entire steam room with walls of salt panels for a fresh, clean, bacteria-free environment.

But, simpler changes such as placing foot trays and fixtures can also have a tremendous effect on your body. Using these three to four times weekly for 20 to 25 minutes in your salt steam room will do the trick.

Benefits of a Salt Sauna

Respiratory Issues

A study on Halotherapy for treating respiratory diseases produced remarkable results. In most cases, patients displayed decreased intensity of asthma attacks and disappearance of respiratory discomfort.

A Himalayan salt sauna can open up your lungs and clear obstructions and mucus build-up.

Traditional or infrared saunas already improve the depth and capacity of your breathing. Sauna salt further amplifies your improved lung function.

Immune System Function

Himalayan sauna salts have anti-bacterial properties. The beautiful pink color of the Himalayan sauna salt portrays its high mineral and iron content.

These minerals flow through your body, fighting viruses and increasing your immune response.

Ear infections are one example of the ailments Himalayan salt saunas can clear. Himalayan saunas have also been known to help with allergies.


A salt steam room can rid your body of toxins through a detoxification process. This detox involves both your skin and your digestive system.

One sauna skin benefit includes flushing out and cleansing your pores, which continuously collect dirt and impurities throughout the day. Himalayan salt enhances this by further exfoliating and hydrating your precious skin from deep within. This can also reduce signs of aging in your skin!

The increased perspiration that saunas induce promotes weight loss, and the sodium content of salt saunas helps to kick-start your digestive system.

Mental Health

Chronic stress and anxiety are a plague on human existence. Relax in a Himalayan salt sauna to relieve anxiety and lower stress by reducing your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels.

A traditional or infrared salt sauna encourages your brain to produce more of the mood-boosting chemical known as serotonin. Negative ions from the salt interact with the body, which helps with depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

A life of better sleep and mental clarity awaits you!

Pain Relief

A traditional or infrared salt sauna can also help lead you to a pain-free life!

The salt-infused vapor in the sauna air reduces inflammation and discomfort in your muscles and joints.

You will experience relief from pain and exhaustion as the salty air reaches deep within your body and relaxes and eases your stiff muscles. Meanwhile, it’s also working wonders on your rheumatoid and musculoskeletal problems.

Heart Health

Some athletes swear by the positive impact of Himalayan salt for their sauna sessions. These sessions cumulatively ease muscle pain, as mentioned, and also aid in heart health!

Athletes aren’t the only ones who want and need better cardiovascular health, though. Anyone can benefit from Himalayan salt saunas.

Increased blood circulation results in oxygen moving more efficiently around the body. This is great for your heart and muscles and can be positively influenced by your salt sauna sessions.

Salt Saunas vs Traditional Saunas

Traditional and infrared saunas, by themselves, reach deep into the areas of the body where toxins are stored. The heat can raise your body’s temperature by three degrees in 30 minutes. This stimulates your sweat glands and promotes healing through detoxification, relaxation, circulation, etc.

Himalayan salt saunas further extend this healing, taking it another step. They perfectly combine a conventional sauna and a Himalayan salt cave.


In conclusion, Himalayan salt saunas have been known to be genuinely beneficial to your physical and mental health for centuries.

A Himalayan salt sauna promotes cumulative healing if you dedicate time to it just a few times a week. They are so easy to install or convert, and absolutely worth it for your health and well-being.

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