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IoT Wireless Weather Station Review


By William Chutney

Published: March 30, 2022

The IoT Wireless Weather Station from Barani Design is actually three individual weather stations put together. This modular approach means that users can tailor their system to their specific needs, while the IoT capabilities make for an incredibly easy setup, with users able to seamlessly add new sensors as and when they need them.

Each of these individual products is a high-end weather station in its own right and they are aimed primarily at the business market. However, enthusiasts looking for the best quality equipment to use for their home can’t do much better than this IoT setup from Barani Design.

Let’s take a look at the three individual products that make up this larger station. Users are free to mix and match these in any way they see fit. And with both LoRaWAN and Sigfox-enabled variants available, users can choose the best option for integrating with their existing setup.

MeteoHelix IoT Pro

The striking design of the MeteoHelix isn’t just an aesthetic decision. The helical shape provides natural protection from dirt, rain, and even light. The shape also provides a high level of protection for the sensors inside, which will be of great comfort to any user. After all, in spite of a relatively low price - relative to the station’s performance - the MeteoHelix is a formidable station in its own right. Its true power is unlocked when it is connected with the other IoT stations, but the sensors within offer unprecedented precision, conforming to WMO standards.

Installation is a simple matter. The Helix can be installed just about anywhere and there are no wires for you to worry about. The MeteoHelix is solar-powered but is able to function without any sunlight for up to six months. Everything about this device is the embodiment of simplicity, yet it boasts some impressive hardware and a diverse sensor array.

The MeteoHelix measures temperature, humidity, air pressure, and solar radiation. The station can easily be set up and configured using the online tool.

MeteoRain IoT Pro

The MeteoRain IoT Pro provides wireless rainfall monitoring for more than four years, thanks to its low power battery source. This is a rain gauge that you can confidently use in any scenario, from urban meteorology projects to agricultural settings, or even as part of a smart city’s infrastructure. The MeteoRain IoT Pro features automatic wireless setup and activation for both Sigfox and LoRaWAN networks.

The physical installation of the MeteoRain is also simple and straightforward thanks to some forward-thinking design decisions. For example, unlike many other rain gauges, non-level mounting has a negligible impact on the accuracy of the device. The device can also be recalibrated while in the field with the use of a single screwdriver.

Barani Design offers both a wired and wireless version of the MeteoRain IoT Pro. Users can even choose to have an optional bird spike and leaf fence to protect the rain gauge funnel from any nesting birds or other debris that could impact results. Combined with the UV-resistant material that has been used in the product’s construction, which is also hydrophobic and self-cleaning, there is little to no maintenance required throughout the product’s lifespan. The coating is weather-resistant and able to stand up to the full range of climates.

MeteoWind IoT Pro

The MeteoWind component of the IoT Wireless Weather Station is a wind monitoring station that exceeds WMO standards to provide unparalleled monitoring of wind conditions within urban and rural environments. The MeteoWind IoT Pro is just as at home in the midst of a smart city as it is on a remote rural property.

The onboard solar-charged battery will provide more than four months of battery life without access to sunlight. Meanwhile, the high-quality construction of the device ensures that it will last as long as it is required.

The elliptical cups on the device, made from reinforced fiber, are at the heart of its clever design. These cups are made from reinforced fiber, providing them with excellent impact resistance. The use of oversized bearings also ensures the cups provide resistance to dirt, dust, and sand, which prolongs the MeteoWind’s expected lifespan.

As with the other products that comprise this IoT station, the MeteoWind is easy to install and setup. Once the device is up and running, there is little to no action required on the part of the user thanks to some cunning design choices. With specifications that go beyond WMO standards, this is a wind vane that you can trust to perform in all environments.

Mix And Match

When you combine the three components above into a single station, you have a highly-capable weather station that is able to cater to smart city planners and power users looking for a high-end home setup equally well. The IoT Wireless Weather Station from Barani Design is a compelling look at what the future of weather station technology looks like. The ability to easily and seamlessly add and remove sensors from a network via automatic configuration shows how easily large networks can be formed.

The Final Verdict

For high-end users in any environment, this weather station provides an unparalleled experience for its price-point. There is a lot to love about what Barani Design has done here, providing three products that are superb on their own but can also augment one another.


  • ​Each platform can function individually or in concert with others
  • ​Plug and play devices automatically connect to one another
  • ​High-quality components in a more affordable package
  • ​Sigfox and LoRaWAN options
  • ​Suitable for high-end users such as governments and businesses
  • ​Conforms to World Meteorological Organization standards
  • The MeteoHelix provides an excellent base that you can build upon
  • Open communication protocol couple with open-source JavaScript decoder allows you to build your own custom apps to pair with it
  • Low-power batteries can last for years
  • Solar-powered MeteoHelix can survive for six months without sun
  • UV resistant materials improve the lifespan of the MeteoRain


  • ​Without optional extras, the MeteoRain can be prone to invasion from debris and birds.
  • ​ dashboard UI isn’t for everyone.

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