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AcuRite Iris 01022M Review


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Published: April 1, 2022

Welcome to our Acurite Iris 01022M review, where we explore the features that make this weather station perfect for both amateur meteorologists and people who simply want to know when the next thunderstorm will hit.

Acurite has a wide range of home weather stations that have become increasingly tech-oriented as they target a more weather-savvy audience.

The Iris has all the cool gadgets you’ve come to expect from AcuRite with two notable extra features, a lightning detector, and a full-color digital display hub.

Like many of their low- to mid-range models, the Iris 01022M is a 5-in-1 weather station that has sensors for humidity, temperature, wind direction, rainfall, and wind speed.

AcuRite Iris 01022M 5-in-1 Weather Station (Our Review)

The Acurite Iris 01022M is the perfect choice if you’re knowledgeable about weather stations and you want to take your data gathering to the next level.

If you’re not a weather buff but you live in an area that is prone to thunderstorms, this user-friendly model will provide handy information without testing your limited skills.

Like its 5-in-1 counterparts, the Iris has a sensor that measures temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rain. The addition of the lightning detector is the feature that will have weather enthusiasts geeking out.

It can detect lightning up to 25 miles away and emits a series of beeps and flashes to let you know when it’s near. It can also estimate how far away from you the lightning is, so if you live in an area that is prone to lightning-related blackouts, you can turn your electrics off in advance.

We found some fluctuation in the temperature and humidity readings, but you can minimize these by paying attention to where you install the device, for example, not installing it near a localized heat source (eg. air conditioner and chimney) or a body of water.

You can pair the Iris with the AcuRite Access device which allows you to stream data from your weather station online. This gives you the option to receive alerts to your phone and email. The downside is that you’ll have to purchase the Access device separately.


  • Lightning detector that shows a running total of strikes
  • Self-emptying rainfall cup
  • Weather ticker streams data in real-time
  • Option to add 2 additional sensors
  • Color display with programmable alarms


  • AcuRite Access Hub is not included
  • Accuracy of temperature & humidity readings can fluctuate


Detailed Analysis

Design & Features

The Acurite Iris 01022M features a self-emptying rain gauge, temperature and humidity sensors, a wind speed anemometer, wind direction sensors, and a barometric pressure sensor.

The temperature and humidity sensors keep a running total of the high and lows within a specified time frame. The device can accurately record temperature with variations of +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity with variations of +/- 3%.

The lightning sensor tracks the frequency of strikes and you can gauge how close the strikes are by using the beeps and flashes.

The unit is powered by a solar panel which also maintains backup power using a capacitor. There is an internal fan that cools the station, resulting in more accurate temperature readings.

The rain gauge empties itself, so your data is never compromised due to excess water collection.

The weather station transmits weather data to the AcuRite Access device every 18 to 36 seconds using a wireless connection.

This in turn can be programmed to sound alarms when readings fall within specific parameters. The color display shows all of this information along with the date, time, and projected forecast.

Ease of Setup

The device comes with an instruction manual that outlines where to place your weather station, what external variants to avoid and how to put it together. We found the instructions clear and easy to follow.

You will need 4 x AA batteries for the sensor, ideally lithium if you live in an area where temperatures reach below -4ºF (-20ºC).

The instructions tell you how to clean the sensor and how to calibrate your rain gauge. There is even a troubleshooting section that outlines what to do if you encounter issues like inaccurate readings and outdoor reception problems.


The Iris 01022M comes in at a slightly higher price than the standard 5-in-1 models because of the lightning detector, but only very slightly. In our opinion, it’s worth investing the extra cash for this feature.

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