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Meazurem Review: An App That Remotely Monitors Environmental Data


By William Chutney

Published: October 18, 2021

Nowadays, it’s possible to monitor almost anything remotely in real-time thanks to advancements in sensor technology and internet streaming speeds, but most mobile apps are still only designed to give you a standard audio and video feed. That’s fine for a typical surveillance scenario, but there are many situations in which a user might also need to monitor environmental conditions in a given space. A new app called Meazurem does exactly that, interfacing with Internet of Things (IoT) devices like smart thermostats to let you remotely monitor temperature, humidity, and pressure.

How Meazurem Works?

At its core, Meazurem is a software gateway that can be used on any Android or Raspberry Pi device that is connected to the internet. This interface displays the measurement data provided by several hardware sensors into a convenient mobile dashboard. The displayed information is updated every minute, so sensor data is always up-to-date. Measurements are tracked in the Meazurem Cloud, making it easy to remotely monitor multiple environmental data points within a user-friendly interface.  

Which IoT Devices Does it Work With?

While Meazurem does work with several Bluetooth-capable IoT devices, it can’t read data from all of them. Sensors that Meazurem has been proven to work with include the RuuviTag, Tempo Disc, Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth, and the Inkbird IBS-TH1, as well its two variations – the IBS-TH1 Mini and the IBS-TH1 Plus. However, with the app still being relatively new, it is likely that there will be support for more IoT devices added soon. All of these sensors are very compact and can run wirelessly for up to a year without requiring new batteries.

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Examples of Common Uses

The four most common uses for the Meazurem app would be:

  • Monitoring outdoor weather
  • Maintaining an ideal indoor environment
  • Ensuring pets are being kept comfortable and safe
  • Tracking conditions in a garden or greenhouse

However, it can come in handy during any scenario in which there is a need to remotely monitor environmental data from your smartphone or tablet. Ideally, you could use Meazurem in conjunction with a smart home remote that can wirelessly adjust the levels on your thermostat and humidifier. That way, you’ll have the ability to monitor and control environmental factors while you’re away from home.

A New Era in Mobile Environmental Monitoring

Ultimately, Meazurem represents a new kind of centralized environmental dashboard app that we haven’t seen yet. With many IoT sensors already interfacing with apps on an individual basis, it is about time that there are consolidated interfaces where the data from several sensors can be viewed with ease on a single screen. As new IoT sensors are developed with additional capabilities, it will be interesting to see how Meazurem develops beyond the original capabilities of simply measuring the main environmental factors – temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. However, for the vast majority of applications, those are the only three metrics that you’ll need to monitor in order to keep plants, animals, and people comfortable and safe.

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