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Benefits of a Wireless Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor


By William Chutney

Published: September 30, 2021

The move towards Smart Homes has begun, and with that said, it seems that there are more and more tools and gadgets being released that will allow homeowners to transform their homes. One such gadget is the wireless Wi-Fi temperature sensor, something that is becoming more common. It seems as though the days of the dial thermostat installed on the wall in the home are long gone and have been replaced by cutting-edge technology, like wireless Wi-Fi temperature sensors. But is it necessary? If you have been eyeing these gadgets and wondering if it’s worth the upgrade, then you are likely to learn more about the benefits of installing one.

Here we’ll take a look at all the top benefits of a wireless Wi-Fi temperature sensor so that you can determine if it’s necessary and if it can be helpful in your home.

What is a Wireless Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor?

First things first, maybe you haven’t even heard of a wireless Wi-Fi temperature sensor, or perhaps you’re just a bit fuzzy on what it is. This is a home or workplace remote temperature monitoring system that makes it possible for you to view the temperature in your home and then make adjustments no matter where you may be. You can instantly turn the temperature up/down, off or on.

Once the unit is installed, homeowners are required to download a companion app to their mobile device, which will then provide them with access to the readings. This is also where they will access the controls to make adjustments. The device can usually be used in conjunction with a smartphone, tablet, and/or computer. It can also be used on multiple devices so more than one person can access the information and then make adjustments.

As far as installing and setting up these units goes, they tend to be quite user-friendly and quick to set up. It is meant to be done by the homeowner and doesn’t need the assistance of a professional. It can be installed where the existing thermostat is, and will need to be connected to the home’s router via Wi-Fi.

Enjoy Savings on Your Energy Bills

When it comes to the benefits, often the top benefit reported by homeowners is the fact it can result in energy bill savings. Because you can view the temperature in your home from any location, you can easily adjust it at any time.

Depending on the unit itself, it may also let you create temperature zones in the house that you can control. For example, maybe you want the bedrooms cooler at night-time than say the kitchen or living room. It provides homeowners with much control than ever before.

Don’t Worry About Forgetting to Adjust the Temperature When Away

How many times have you gone on vacation, away for a weekend, or even just a full day out of the house and you realize you should have adjusted the temperature? If no-one is going to be home, there is absolutely no reason to be running the furnace or air conditioning unit at full-tilt. With these remote Wi-Fi enabled temperature systems, you can simply open up the app and make the adjustment.

Set Up Alerts

At the same time, you can also program in alerts that will be sent through the app or to your mobile device. The alert can let you know when the temperature goes over or under a set reading. This can be extremely helpful for those who experience cold winters and are worried of pipes freezing and the house getting too cold.

Ensure You Come Home to a Comfortable Temperature

In the same sense, you can also make sure that you come home to a comfortable temperature. Let’s say you’ve been out of the house for a few days, and you want to come home to a house that is properly heated or cooled. You can adjust the temperature a couple of hours before you return so that by the time you get home it will be at the perfect temperature.

Take Advantage of the Maintenance Reminders

Another benefit that not everyone is aware of is that many of these systems provide maintenance reminders that can help prolong the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioning unit. While you are aware of the fact that it’s important to change the air filter in your furnace on a regular basis, it doesn’t mean you always remember to do it.

These systems can provide you with a reminder to do so, taking that worry off your shoulders. Also, it can provide you with other details and reminders that keep things running smoothly, or at least alert you to possible issues that you can have looked at. Some systems also go so far as to offer tips and advice on how to better your energy consumption, and even provide you with tracking information that can be viewed through the app.

Be Aware of Outdoor Conditions

Again, depending on the unit you install, some are also able to monitor the outdoor conditions. Why should this matter? Well it can help you to figure out what temperature to set your thermostat at. Again, this is helpful when you’re not home and you’re interested in saving as much energy at possible yet ensuring that you come home to a comfortable house.

How to Shop for a Wireless Remote Temperature Monitor

If you’re convinced that a Wi-Fi temperature monitor is right for you, then you’ll find no shortage of units on the marketplace today. Keep in mind that you want to not only look at the unit itself but other features such as the app, how user-friendly the system is, how easy it is to install, what kind of information it tracks, and how much control you are given. There is plenty of information on our site that will prove helpful when it comes to shopping for a unit.

These units are a great way to take advantage of today’s technology that will end up putting you in control of your home’s heating and cooling needs, no matter where you are, and providing you with energy savings.

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