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How to choose the best sauna lights


By William Chutney

Published: January 4, 2023

If you’re looking to understand more about sauna lights, you’ve come to the right place!

Why are sauna lights so important?

Light therapy has been renowned throughout India, Egypt, and China as therapeutic to the body, mind, and soul. If you think this is a recent discovery, think again! These cultures have been making use of light therapy since 2000 BC.

We know the benefits of saunas already. But imagine combining light therapy with your sauna sessions.

Installing sauna lighting is the next step in perfecting your sauna experience.

What Lights to Use in a Sauna?

Sauna light therapy can make you feel at peace. But what exactly is sauna light therapy?

Sauna light therapy entails the addition of different colors of light inside a sauna. This light enters through your eyes and skin and lights up parts of your brain, triggering certain health benefits.

Sauna light therapy has many benefits. These include the acceleration of wound healing and recovery time after surgery, increased range of movement, decreased muscle tension, and improved blood circulation. This therapy is also a great self-care option to relieve SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Now that we understand more about this kind of therapy, let’s discuss which colors are often used and why.

Red, orange, yellow, blue, and violet are all fantastic for your skin.

Red can benefit your heart and lung health, while blue can make you feel more at peace.

Violet can boost cellular energy production and can foster healthy skin in the face of age, sun damage, and acne.

Along with orange and yellow, violet can also cleanse and reduce redness. If you’re trying to target inflammation, yellow or violet may be a good start.

Red and green can improve muscle pain, and can relieve migraine pain.

Orange can boost mental clarity and physical health. If you’re looking for an all-round sauna light treatment, red might be what you’re looking for!

What Kind of Lights Can I Use in a Sauna?

There are a few options to look into when considering which sauna lights to use.

Incandescent bulbs, sauna LED lights, and optical systems are excellent choices!

Most sauna lighting fixtures are vapor/waterproof and heat resistant, preventing accidents such as fire. But certain lights are more suited to certain types of saunas.

Let’s discuss sauna lighting options and when they would work best. Ultimately, which light you use depends on your preference!

Incandescent Lights

We recommend using incandescent lights in a traditional sauna for a rustic effect. Incandescent lights can handle the incredibly high level of heat in a traditional sauna. In fact, they can handle up to 500°F!

LED Lights

LED sauna lights work best in infrared saunas, which heat your body, not your environment.

Too much heat and humidity could damage the LED bulbs and reduce their lifespan. These lights operate most effectively in cooler infrared environments between 100° and 140°F

Optical Systems

Optical systems work with light waves, not electricity. If you have a Russian sauna, these are your best bet.

They are safe, long-lasting, economical, and easy to install. The main sauna lighting is installed outside the sauna room and gently illuminates the sauna interior.

Do you want the sauna light therapy benefits of different colors? Well, why not install a fixture that allows for alternating colors?

Consider investing in a complex lighting system with automated color flow and a light dimmer to adjust brightness. However, this isn’t needed for a peaceful sauna experience. A simple on/off light will do the trick!

Where is the Right Place for Sauna Lights?

Let’s dive into a brief safety guide for sauna light placement.

Typically, sauna lights should be installed in the top corners of the unit and below the shelves and benches.

You should not install LED lights directly above or around the heater or stove. Keep the lighting at least 50cm away from all sides of the heater.

Light placement also depends on the atmosphere you wish to create. For example, ambient light from underneath low sauna benches makes for a cozy environment.

Remember that you want to illuminate the sauna, not the bathers. A sauna that is too bright might not be as relaxing. However, keep in mind that too much darkness can also create problems.

Apart from this, be creative and versatile! Have fun with random or patterned placement. Just allow for air circulation around the sauna lights.

Can Candles Be Used as Sauna Lighting?

Well, yes and no.

Candles will melt over time, dirtying the benches with the wax flow. If you feel candles are essential to your sauna experience, place them on the floor where it’s coolest.

Always monitor them due to the risk of fire!

Use the above-mentioned sauna light fixtures instead of candles. You’re more likely to get the benefits of light therapy with LEDs, an optical system, or incandescent lights.


Sauna lights can be an excellent addition to your sauna sessions.

Sauna light therapy has many benefits overall. Individual lighting colors also have their own benefits! If you’re looking to enhance your mood, and boost the health of your mind, body, and soul, consider sauna light therapy.

If you want to reap the benefits of this therapy, then install away! Remember to install the lights safely.

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