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Sauna Before Bed


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Published: May 27, 2022

The Finnish people have long known about the benefits of saunas, but many people are unfamiliar with the practice of using a sauna before bedtime.

If you think a sauna is an unnecessary luxury, this is not the case. Sauna use offers countless benefits, including treatment for insomnia.

But you may be wondering about the implications of using a sauna before bed. Are there any drawbacks? Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Today we examine this practice and look at the benefits as well as any possible drawbacks of nighttime sauna use. RELATED: How to use sauna?

Sauna and Sleep: The Benefits of Using a Sauna Before Bed

There are numerous benefits to using a sauna. And one of these is an improved quality of sleep.

Poor quality or lack of sleep is a major contributor to both mental and physical health problems. But sleep-inducing medications have had adverse side effects.

If you are looking for a safe and effective alternative treatment for insomnia, this may be for you. And that’s only one benefit of using a sauna before bed.

Let’s take a look at the top three reasons for using a sauna before bedtime, as opposed to other times of the day.

Different types of saunas offer similar benefits

Saunas are available in different styles with different technologies. They use different heating systems, but their overall effect and benefits are similar to the human body. Even though in scientific studies, infrared sauna usually comes out as the most effective type of sauna, you should choose the type of sauna that you enjoy the most as you will reap the same benefits that infrared sauna offers.  One of the top benefits is relaxation.

Saunas Promote Relaxation

Our day-to-day lives require us to be in constant motion. Our bodies often do not shut down this state of alertness. The state of being on constant alert is commonly known as the fight or flight syndrome.

Remaining in this highly alert state can wear your body down over time, elevating cortisol levels. And doctors advise that higher cortisol levels bring with them a whole host of problems.

A sauna’s warm infrared waves penetrate and relax your body at a deep tissue level. Using a sauna before bed to enhance relaxation will improve your health and encourage better sleep.

Saunas Reduce Pain

Many medical conditions are caused by inflammation, either directly or indirectly. Chronic inflammation is even linked to type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Regular sauna use can reduce chronic inflammation. This leads to a decrease in the pain associated with inflammatory conditions, and a lowered risk of associated diseases.

Are you suffering from a painful medical condition and unable to a good night’s rest? Using a sauna before bedtime can help with inflammation and pain, and allow better sleep.

Saunas Lower Stress

Do you suffer from insomnia due to stress and anxiety? Thanks to a sauna, you’ll no longer toss and turn through the night because of these issues.

And whether you choose to install a traditional or infrared sauna, the stress-reducing properties are the same.

Anything that lowers your stress levels at night will aid sleep. This means that you can successfully use a sauna at bedtime for insomnia treatment.

Drawbacks of Using a Sauna Before Bed

We want to give you a balanced view, and help you to make an informed decision on this topic. So let’s also look at some possible drawbacks of using a sauna before bedtime.

Take note that they are not drawbacks to sauna use in general. Most people experience a wide range of benefits from using a sauna.

These are benefits that may, however, not lend themselves well to bedtime use.

Saunas Are Not Always Indoors

This is more of a subjective drawback and depends on where your sauna is located in your home.

If yours is an outdoor sauna, you might not want to use it late at night, especially in winter. Of course, this may not be of concern to you if the area in which you reside has a more temperate climate.

But if you live in a climate that experiences temperature extremes or harsh winter weather conditions, it may not be feasible to use your sauna before bedtime.

Saunas May Cause Insomnia

While sauna use improves your quantity and quality of sleep in the long term, some people may experience insomnia. This is more of an issue during the first few days of use.

The reason for this is that the use of a sauna promotes detoxification. It does so by flushing out toxins via the sweating process. This is good news for your health but can be bad news for your sleep habits.

Everyone reacts differently to detoxing, and not all sauna users will experience this effect. But it is something that you may want to factor into your decision about using your sauna at bedtime.

Saunas Make You Sweat

Consider your personal habits before deciding to use a sauna before bedtime. A sauna will make you sweat. This is not a bad thing.

But, you may not want to, or for some reason be unable to, shower or take a bath at night. And no one wants to get into bed all sweaty. This will cause discomfort and hinder your sleep and can increase the chances of bacterial or yeast infections.

It is recommended to take a shower or bath after using a sauna to prevent this issue. If you prefer to do so in the earlier part of the day, a sauna at bedtime isn’t practical.

Should I Use a Sauna Before Bed?

There are clear benefits to the use of a sauna before bed. Stress reduction, pain relief, detoxification, and weigh-loss are just a few of the reasons you may be using a sauna.

The advantages of using a sauna before bed outweigh the disadvantages. But take your lifestyle, habits, and needs into account, first.

Is Sauna Better Morning or Night?

So, should you use a sauna before bedtime? Or will using it earlier in the day be better? It depends on why you are using your sauna, to begin with. This will determine the best time of day for you to use it.

Consider Your Reasons For Using a Sauna

Are you suffering from insomnia? Do you struggle to fall asleep due to stress or pain? If this sounds like you, you may want to use your home sauna before bedtime.

In Conclusion

A sauna can offer you a wealth of benefits for your physical health, and even promote better sleep. Now that you have the facts about using a sauna before bedtime, you may want to try this out for yourself.

Our guides are helpful to anyone wanting to improve the performance of temperature-controlled products like saunas. You may also contact us with any questions you have regarding the efficiency of your sauna.

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