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Essential Oils for Sauna


By William Chutney

Published: December 15, 2022

Have you tried using essential oils for sauna health benefits?

If you’re a sauna lover, you’re in the right place. There are many benefits to be reaped from sauna therapy. One of the best ways to enhance these benefits is through the use of essential oils.

But, what are the best essential oils to use, and how is aromatherapy beneficial? How much essential oil should you use in your sauna sessions?

You have questions, and we have answers!

We’re going to give you a run-down on everything you need to know when it comes to essential oils for sauna therapy. Let’s go!

Can You Use Essential Oils in Saunas?

Saunas can help to alleviate pain and encourage detoxification in the body. Why not boost that healing with concentrated herbs, spices, and plants?

All saunas offer the option to infuse essential oils into your steamy therapy session.

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant materials, such as essential oils, for therapeutic benefit. Many believe the benefits of aromatherapy apply to both physical and psychological health.

But, does aromatherapy using essential oils work? Aromatherapy has been traced back to ancient civilizations such as those of the Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks.

The healing powers of aromatherapy are still promoted in many cultures. It is thought to alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Aromatherapy can also boost relaxation, improve sleep quality, and improve the quality of life for those with long-term health issues.

Many essential oils can be used for sauna aromatherapy. This can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health!

Best Essential Oils for Saunas

The following list contains some of the best essential oils for a dry or infrared sauna. However, there are many more you can use. You can even combine multiple oils!


Eucalyptus oil emits a sharp and slightly medicinal scent. Your heart, mind, and sinuses will surely thank you for using eucalyptus oil in the sauna.

Eucalyptus sauna oil has been confirmed to be good for heart patients, as well as those seeking relief from muscle pain.

Use eucalyptus oil for the sauna if you’re looking for something to soothe and heal you. It’s one of the best essential oils for the sauna due to its germicidal and antimicrobial properties.


Begin your day with citrus-infused aromatherapy to wake up your senses.

If you’re generally not a morning person, zesty lemon, orange, and tangerine oils are the best for energy-boosting sauna sessions.

You can cleanse and sanitize your body and the sauna with these sauna oils.

Eating an orange or adding lemon to your tea can have anti-inflammatory benefits, and the same is true for citrus sauna oils.

You’ll feel a little pep in your step after your aromatherapy sauna routine. This is because citrus essential oils have antidepressant properties.


Combine citrus oil and peppermint oil in your morning sauna for an even more stimulating aromatherapy experience.

You can also drink peppermint tea during your session, as it can aid with digestion. If you’re experiencing nausea, bloating, or diarrhea, peppermint tea can help soothe you.

Peppermint essential oil in the hot sauna can have surprisingly cooling effects.

This oil is also a lifesaver when it comes to inflammation and joint pain. It helps your muscles to relax, due to peppermint’s antispasmodic properties.


Pine is another one of the best essential oils for sauna aromatherapy. Close your eyes and let the smell of nature envelop you with the woodsy fragrance of pine.

You probably already know many sauna skin benefits. For example, sauna sessions can flush toxins from your pores. Why not enhance this with pine, as it can positively impact acne?

A sauna infused with pine essential oil has also been known to loosen phlegm, decrease congestion, and reduce headaches.


Foresty frankincense oil is the ideal partner for pine in an aromatherapy sauna session.

Frankincense can boost your immune system. Consider adding this to your sauna oil mix when you have a cold! If you battle with long-term health issues, know that this essential oil can ease the side effects of chemotherapy.

A frankincense essential oil sauna can also have hormone-balancing and anti-aging properties.


Lavender is an end-of-day, winding-down sauna oil. Lavender essential oils have historically been used for restoration, relaxation, and burn treatment.

Some studies have concluded that the essential oil of lavender can play a role in helping people with anxiety disorders.

Lavender essential oil is another great option if you’re looking for a sauna oil with anti-aging antioxidants.


Sandalwood essential oils can boost relaxation and mental clarity, especially when combined with lavender.

A sauna is good for anxiety in general! During a sandalwood-based sauna, it’s the perfect time to meditate to boost feelings of peace and harmony. This can enhance the anxiety-reducing effects of a sandalwood essential oil sauna.

Sandalwood is a great essential oil to use in a sauna to boost your memory. It can also lower your blood pressure, and combat the effects of anxiety.

How Do You Mix Essential Oils in a Sauna?

The healing properties of essential oils can be intensified when they are combined with a perfect partner.

Simply add a few drops of each essential oil you choose into the diffuser.

Try a couple drops each of citrus and peppermint, pine and frankincense, or lavender and sandalwood.

Combinations of essential oils can make for a great way to start the day or the perfect sauna before bedtime.

Anything goes!

How Much Essential Oil Should I Put in a Sauna?

Generally, there is a bucket or container in the corner of an infrared sauna called a sauna oil diffuser.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser. This dilutes the concentrated sauna oil to avoid an overwhelming essential oil experience!

In the case of a dry sauna, you’ll need to mix your chosen essential oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut, jojoba, or olive oil. Mix these in a spray bottle and spritz your sauna!

Essential oils are strong and can irritate the skin. We suggest you avoid applying any essential oil topically.


Sauna sessions may form part of your routine. You may also be a novice looking to integrate this practice into your day!

You may have access to an infrared sauna or a dry sauna. In either case, essential oils for the sauna can truly enhance your experience.

What are you waiting for? Grab some essential oil, hop in your sauna unit, and get ready to reap the benefits!

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