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What is a Wine Cooler and Why You Should Have One


By William Chutney

Published: December 18, 2021

Buying a wine cooler is more akin to making a wise investment than taking things a step too far, and you don’t have to be an aficionado for that to be true. While most people keep their bottles in the fridge or tuck them away in a cupboard, the reality is that those storage methods are far from ideal, particularly when it comes to ageing and preservation.

You might have experienced it before. After prying out the bottle from the fridge, you pour your red, only to discover that it’s either gone off or just doesn’t taste right. A specialized cooler, on the other hand, ensures that your wine is consistently kept at the right temperature, thus maintaining peak and ripe conditioning.

What’s more is that each bottle is stored in a neatly stacked row for effortless retrieval. The same can’t be said for your average fridge. But quality upkeep and convenience aren’t the only reasons to invest in a wine cooler. Read on to uncork a few more reasons why this useful appliance is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

Serving Temperatures

Wine coolers not only keep your wine at optimal storage temperature, but also the right temperature for serving. This is especially true with dual compartment coolers that feature separate sections for red and white wines. The end result is a far more pleasant taste from the moment you take the bottle out.


Corked wine requires sufficient moisture to prevent the natural cork from drying out and shrinking. When you store a bottle in your fridge, especially in standing position, the cork dries out and allows oxygen to enter the bottle. This causes the wine to oxidize, subsequently degrading the color, aroma and flavors.

Wine coolers are not only calibrated to maintain the right humidity levels to preserve the cork, but are also designed to store your bottles on their sides. Some coolers have humidity reservoirs that require refilling, while others are heavily insulated to prevent moisture loss.

Protection from Light

Have you ever wondered why most wine bottles are tinted? Prolonged exposure to fluorescent or natural light can damage a wine’s flavor. This is another reason why a refrigerator is not an ideal storage solution. A cooler features either a solid door or one made of glass with built-in protection to prevent light from damaging your wine.


Wine coolers typically come in compact shapes and sizes, making them easy to install and move around. They’re also great for storing a variety of other goods aside from just wine. This includes cheese, chocolate, fruit, chilled glasses and other beverages, making them an effective and affordable solution for entertaining guests or simply storing more food.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

Wine coolers are much better for the environment than regular fridges. They don’t emit anything dangerous and use little to no power. This is because they use thermoelectric conduction, which is considerably more efficient than the compressor-based cooling that fridges use. Wine coolers also require little to no maintenance.

There’s really no reason not to buy a wine cooler. If you enjoy your wine, be sure to give it some thought. I suggest reading my buyers guide on the best wine coolers before making a purchase.

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