Top 5 Home Wind Turbines – Best Reviews Of 2020

By William Chutney

February 22, 2019

As a source of renewable energy, wind turbines convert energy from wind into electricity, which is environmentally clean with zero emissions to worry about. If you are in the market for a home wind turbine, we have found the top five home wind turbines for you to consider. Here are our reviews of each of these units so you can make a well-educated choice when choosing a home wind turbine.

Reviews of the Best Wind Turbines for Residential Homes

When it comes to choosing the best wind turbine for your home, there are certain factors which you must consider. We have listed these as:

  • Ease of use
  • Power output
  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Price

Here, we’d like to make one very important observation. Always choose a wind turbine size larger than you think you’ll need. Remember, wind turbines are only as effective as wind speeds in your area and so there will be times when winds are slower than anticipated. Home wind turbines can only convert winds to useable electricity if those winds reach a certain velocity. Also, be aware of the fact that the power output listed is going to be the MAXIMUM output so, as mentioned, winds in your area will not always be strong enough to give you maximum output. Keep this in mind and you should do well.

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Individual Reviews of the best home turbines

  • 1. Missouri General
  • 2. Tumo-Int
  • 3. AutoMaxx
  • 4. VEVOR
  • 5. Primus

5. Primus Air 40

The Primus Air 40 Home Wind Turbine Kit ranks 5th among the wind turbines we’ve reviewed. We find that the design is lightweight and thus easy to assemble and install. We especially like the controller, which is very user-friendly.

If you want to know just how much energy you can capture from wind, the Primus Air 40 is able to produce a maximum of 40kWh/month with wind speeds that average just about 13mph. Wind capture is maximized due to the design of the durable blades, which are also designed to offer quiet operation.

The advanced features we loved about the Primus Air 40 are the electronic torque control for protection against overspeed and we also like the smart microprocessor controller.

This particular home wind turbine kit from Primus is ideal for off-grid power production, as the body is cast aluminum with a total of three composite blades. Last, Primus wind turbines are manufactured in the United States of America. As an American-made wind turbine, you can expect the highest quality in materials and craftsmanship and we are proud to list another totally American made product within our top five best home wind turbines.

Videos - the best home wind turbines

We went out and found the most relevant videos we could - give us some feedback if you can about the quality.

Video - Missouri General

Video - Tumo-Int

Video - AutoMaxx

Video - VEVOR Residential

Video - Primus Air 40

What You Should Consider When Researching and Buying Home Wind Turbines

Of all that there is to consider, two of the most important factors are power output and wind production. Although we recognize that physical size, performance, quality of build and materials along, with ease of use and price, are important, unless you can rely on wind production and power output, you will not generate the electricity you need to power your home. Now, let’s take a look at some other factors to consider when choosing the right wind turbine.


  • Location
  • Size 
  • Ratings 

What Size Wind Turbine Will You Need for your home?

This may take a few advanced calculations to determine what size home turbine you need to power your home, so it has been suggested that you visit the website. They state that the ‘average’ home will use approximately 10,766 kWh per year. However, as you know, no two homes use the same amount of electricity. While your neighbor’s electric bill might be a mere $100 a month, yours may tally to over $400! It’s all about the application of the energy used.

Some homes require greater amounts of electricity based on the appliances and equipment in use, along with other factors such as the number of residents and the energy star rating of appliances in use. Perhaps the easiest way to assess what size wind turbine you will need would be to analyze the previous one or two years’ power consumption. This you can usually find on your provider’s website.

Next, look at the maximum output of the unit you are looking at and if that comes even close when adding the max per month output, you know you need a larger unit. Remember, those ratings are based on the maximum output based on favorable winds. You can’t always count on the weather as it has a mind of its own!

If you're interested in this, you may be interested in our home weather station breakdown.

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