​Welcome to ​Temperature Sensei.

​For the last 4 years I have been building this website sharing all my experience with my readers. I hope you can enjoy your time here, and any questions just ask in the comments.

​While on temperaturesensei.com I want you to have a great experience.

​Here is what you can expect:

​Expert ​Information

​With my 25 years experience in the temperature industry, you can rest assured that all the info is on point.

​Updated Regularly

​Because I am retired I have lots of time to dedicate to my website. You can trust that the info is up to date.

​Researched buyers guide

​When I publish a buyers guide, I combine my ability to do deep research ​and my 25 years of industry experience.

​Commitment to new content

​Due to my retirement I have more free time and I am commited to adding new topics to temperature sensei so keep an eye out for it.

About Me.

Welcome to temperaturesensei.com. My name is William and everything you have read has been written by me. I am a retired man who lives in Texas now. I worked for 25 years for a company that made temperature products (I do not want to name them). If you have any questions or comments pop them in the chat below.